Vademecum Mouthwash

$ 33.00

A natural, herbal formula that contains sage, chamomile, and mint. Freshens breath, but also fights tartar and plaque and helps heal minor abrasions of gums, skin, cold sores and canker sores in the mouth. Vademecum is a line of oral hygiene products from Sweden. Vademecum brand goods are free from phosphates (known water pollutants), dyes (potential carcinogens), use only natural flavors, and are not tested on animals. 75ml


Mouthwash & Gargle: Shake 5 drops into a 4 fl oz glass of water and stir. Gargle or rinse. Inhalant: Add a few drops of concentrate to vaporizer or glass of hot water and inhale.


WARNINGS Keep out of reach of children. Do not administer to any child under six years of age.

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